Letters from Turin

Travel and living abroad offer opportunities to see, express, and redefine in new ways. As a communicator and writer, I share with you these experiences and encounters by relating them to what we do everyday as designers, artists, curators, and marketers. Let’s take time to refresh and reflect in order to create and renew.

Letter from Turin I: Reflections on How We Use Language
SMPS Marketer, April 2010
Letter from Turin II: Reflections on Image and Corporate Identity
SMPS Marketer, December 2010
Letter from Turin III: Reflections on Service
SMPS Marketer, June 2012
Letter from Turin IV: Reflections on Collaboration
SMPS Marketer, April 2014
Letter from Turin V: Reflections on Marketing and PR Planning
SMPS Marketer, October 2014
Letter from Turin VI: Reflections on Recognition
SMPS Marketer, June 2015
Letters from Turin VII: Reflections on Finishing Well
SMPS Marketer, February 2017

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