Dianne L. Frank

Communications Strategist

Dianne Frank, FSMPS is a writer, communications strategist, and public relations consultant specializing in national communications programs related to how art and architecture, culture and design shape our world.

Collaborating with architects, designers, cultural institutions and arts organizations, Dianne generates ideas that capture synergies and resonate with audiences. She focuses on goals and the essential inherent qualities, and writes with fresh and substantive language, in engaging and memorable ways. Dianne develops strategies to communicate the value and ripple impact of leadership and initiatives that advance design professions and the arts.

Dianne assists designers and organizations in developing American Institute of Architects (AIA) Fellowship nominations and design and specialty industry awards submissions. She writes design, library, museum and gallery monographs and articles; curatorial, interpretive, and exhibit text. Dianne draws upon over 35 years of experience in corporate identity programs, publicity, collateral materials, presentations, exhibitions, events, and special projects.


Writing, strategic communications, FAIA Fellowships and professional design awards submissions, branding, interpretive and exhibit text.